Gotham Dream Cars, an exotic car rental company, was rapidly expanding and generating a lot of exposure through one-day driving events on professional tracks throughout the US. The events received great customer feedback, but were never fully booked. Not enough people were buying and Gotham knew they were leaving money on the table.


Gotham brought Van Bram in to identify and fix the issues of underselling. This is a testament to what can happen when the entire Van Bram marketing framework is applied. In just two months, we increased rental revenue by more than $130,000 representing a 1598% ROI on promotion spend.

1 – Focus the Message



By redefining and segmenting their target audience(s) we saw a significant
increase in ad engagement. To start, we created separate messaging for
women (who generally purchased event tickets as gifts for their boyfriend or
spouse) and men (who often bought event tickets for themselves).


A key element of postmodern marketing is subject-oriented messaging in
which the object or product is “decentered” and the subject or customer is
the focus. This approach casts your customer as the hero and you become a
guide or enabler to their success.


The internet is a noisy place and brand messaging must be crystal clear.
Once we understood the audience, we created a simple and compelling ad
content, tagline, email template, and call to action. Once all of Gotham’s
marketing collateral, including the website, reflected a compelling and clear
message we saw more rentals prior to spending a cent on promotion.



2 – Optimize the Funnel



Our first step was to create separate landing pages for Gotham’s visitors to
find out what worked, what didn’t work, and what confused them. This
allowed us to create a compelling landing page, combining the most
effective combination of sales elements.


By segmenting all visitor traffic by source, campaign, and ad content we
were able to dynamically show people cars and events that were relevant to
them. For example, if a person searched on Google for Lamborghini rentals
in New York City, they would see Lamborghini when they arrived at the site
through an ad.


We overhauled the process of selecting a car, location, and reservation date
for rentals and events. We removed buttons, text, and entire pages –
simplifying purchase process and moving everything important above the
fold. This change alone dramatically improved conversion rates.



3 – Promotions & Campaigns



Gotham was losing the numbers game. They simply didn’t acquire enough
interest at the top of the funnel to generate sufficient sales at the bottom of
the funnel. In the first month, we developed a low-cost sweepstakes offer to
use as a lead magnet. This was the tip of the spear.


From Facebook and LinkedIn ads, to pay per click advertising, we tested 5
different paid advertising channels and found 3 to create a positive ROI. We
continued to leverage those 3 to increase purchases.


To increase the number of social media visitors, we taught Gotham how to
build up their social media accounts as well as how to engage with his
followers in order to get more website visitors.


We noticed that click through rates decreased on paid channels every few
weeks. To combat this, we made new creatives every week which
consistently resulted in better ad engagement.

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